White Supremacist Richard Spencer Booted From CPAC

White nationalist and alt-right leader Richard Spencer was not warmly received at CPAC.


And eventually was booted despite his protests that he had credentials and had purchased a ticket.


From The Daily Beast:

Shortly before he was removed, the American Conservative Union’s Dan Schneider gave a speech in the ballroom specifically condemning the alt-right as a “left-wing, fascist” collective. ACU officials tell The Daily Beast that they had Spencer escorted out as soon as they heard he had crashed the conference. Additionally, a CPAC spokesperson told NBC News that they gave Spencer the boot because they find his views “repugnant.” Spencer also showed up last weekend to the International Students for Liberty Conference—a libertarian youth gathering in D.C.—but was booted from the hotel premises after a crowd gathered to boo, jeer, and debate him.

This was a good decision.

And Schneider is 100% correct. The alt-right doesn’t care about anything related to conservatism. They’ll love anything proposed just so long as it benefits white people and that includes garbage trade deals, universal health care and infrastructure spending.

Good riddance.


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