New Poll Is A Gift For The GOP: Democratic Voters Want Leaders To Block Everything Trump

Republicans are looking at the results of this poll of Democratic voters and thinking, “Yes! Please listen to them!” In the 2002 mid-term elections, Democrats, forgetting about unity, tried to make themselves into the anti-Bush part and paid for it at the polls. Republicans picked up two Senate seats and increased their House majority by eight. Democrats are setting themselves up for a similar defeat in 2018, especially if they do nothing but try to block President Trump’s agenda.


From Politico:

Democratic voters are sending a clear message to their elected officials in Washington: Stop Donald Trump at all costs.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that just 34 percent of Democratic voters want their party’s elected officials to find ways to work with the new president. A 56-percent majority say Democrats in Congress should stick to their principles, even “if that means blocking all legislation or nominees for government posts.”

The survey — conducted Feb. 2 through Feb. 4 — is instructive, as Trump and Republicans begin to plot their legislative plans on everything from repealing and replacing Obamacare to tax reform. Democrats, in the minority in both chambers, are being squeezed by their base to stop Trump’s agenda in its tracks, even if they lack the power to do so.

“There was talk after the election that Trump might be a president who Democrats could work with, at least on certain issues like infrastructure. But this new data indicates that, even if deals are possible, that’s not primarily what Democratic voters are looking for,” said Morning Consult Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder Kyle Dropp.

That may be the case but here’s the big problem for Democrats: The 2018 Senate map. 

In December, I wrote about this:

In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are in a much more perilous position than Republicans. The GOP appears they can hold on to the seats of theirs that are up for reelection with Nevada being the one state that could be at risk.

As for Democrats, the GOP is looking at possible gains in the following states:

Florida, Virginia, West Virgina, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota and Montana.

Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin and Bob Casey in Pennsylvania are likely safe, but they’re not shoe-in winners.


Democrats have to defend 25 Senate seats in 2018 (two are technically independents – Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine) while the GOP is only defending 8.

Democrats can go about blocking everything Trump wants to do and Neil Gorsuch but something tells me Democrats will pay dearly for that in less than two years.



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