Democrats Saying They Will Treat Steve Bannon Like Karl Rove; It Won't Work

Democrats Saying They Will Treat Steve Bannon Like Karl Rove; It Won't Work

Democrats are famous for going after Republican Presidents by saying there is some person behind the scenes that is pulling strings. Democrats (and some in the press) were always suggesting Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were the men behind the curtain when George W. Bush was President. Democrats are now making this case for Steve Bannon in the Trump administration, but it’s not going to work.

Here is a snippet from Politico:

Among other things, Democrats cite reports of Bannon’s influence in crafting an executive order barring immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. And they point to his reported role in a decision to launch a counterterrorism raid in Yemen.

Trump’s decision to place Bannon on the National Security Council’s Principals Committee is what caused Pelosi’s pointed attack. “It’s a stunning thing,” she said at a news conference Thursday, “that a white supremacist, Bannon, would be a permanent member of the National Security Council.”

Democratic members described limited discussions about Bannon but no specific direction from leadership about how to take him on. In addition to statements calling for his removal, a handful of Democrats have filed a bill to remove Bannon from the NSC.

Granted, Bannon likely does have a good deal amount of influence with President Trump, but there’s something significant that differentiates him from Karl Rove that will insulate Bannon to a degree. Rove was a public face in the Bush administration. He and his words were always visible, whether he appeared on television, in print or on the internet.

Aside from what people want to attribute to Bannon that’s written at the dumpster-fire that is Breitbart, it’s going to be tough for the Democrats to make Bannon into a bogeyman that will get people writing checks and organizing. Nobody knows who he is aside from the most political of insiders. The average Democrat couldn’t tell who Bannon is or what his role is at the White House.

Don’t get me wrong. As one of those insiders, I think Bannon has far too much influence with Trump. Bannon is an admitted “burn it down” guy, and he’s likely an influence on some of Trump’s dumber tweets and the architect of the constant bashing of the media. It is possible Bannon’s influence could at some point lead to serious trouble for President Trump. It doesn’t matter as Bannon appears to enjoy the chaos.

Unfortunately, there are times when politics and reality do not collide. Donald Trump has been proving that since he first got into the presidential race back in June of 2015.

That said, the Democrats are going to look the same as they have for some time: Flailing about, screaming and yelling and accomplishing nothing.

This is what happens when Democrats allow people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to take over the party.

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