Left-Wing Site Slams Priebus For Saying Registry Is Not Based On Religion; It's Not

When people allow their passion to overcome their capacity to reason, it leads to strife over issues of relatively little importance. The so-called “Muslim registry” is back in the news and leave it to lazy journalism to get the left in an uproar.


Watch the first 35 seconds of this video clip, and you’ll see Chuck Todd ask an entirely bogus question:

Reince’s answer has the people over at Raw Story climbing the walls. They posted a story that says:

Reince Priebus laughably claims Trump’s ‘Muslim registry’ is not ‘based on religion’

I am not sure why they find this amusing. Reince Priebus is correct. The registry idea being floated is one that was already used by the Bush administration and it was not based on religion. It was based on geography.

“…the president-elect’s team is considering a system modeled after a controversial one implemented in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It fulfills Trump’s promise of “extreme vetting” for immigrants from countries affected by terrorism, a threshold he has yet to flesh out more fully.

That program, labeled the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, required those entering the U.S. from a list of individual countries — all but one predominantly Muslim — to register when they arrived in the U.S., undergo more thorough interrogation and be fingerprinted. The system referred to by the acronym NSEERS, was criticized by civil rights groups for targeting a religious group and was phased out in 2011 because it was found to be redundant with other immigration systems.


Note that it says “those entering from a from a list of individual countries.” The list included countries that included large Muslim populations but only because there is a large degree of terrorist activities in those countries. North Korea was also on the list. Furthermore, the program place over 13,000 into deportation proceedings.

The reason NSEERS was phased out, not because of concerns over religion, but because the United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) replaced it.

We’re less than two weeks out from the election and knees are jerking all over the place.

It doesn’t help when people like Chuck Todd ask irresponsible and bogus questions that lead outfits like Raw Story to go with their absurd stories.

Is it really that difficult for Todd’s staff do some basic research?



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