Hillary Clinton's Bully Ad Attacking Donald Trump Is Great Except For One Thing

One of the ongoing themes the Clinton campaign has been pushing with respect to Donald Trump outside the argument he is unfit for office, is that Trump is a “bully.”


The Clinton campaign released a new ad today that does an excellent job of tying Trump to various pop culture bullies like Scut Farkus from ‘A Christmas Story’ and Biff Tannen from ‘Back To The Future.’ The ad is terrific for about 30 seconds.


You can see the ad here as well:

See that? The moment Hillary appeared made me forget about the previous 30 seconds in an instant. Her camp must come to terms with knowing Hillary is almost disliked as much as Trump. That could have been a 30-45 second ad using the imagery it started with. It would have better impact.

The way it is presented however, feels forced and fake. Would have been better to leave her out.


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