Washington Post Writer Complains Donald Trump Recognizes Hillary Clinton Is A Woman

I’ve seen some odd complaints about Donald Trump but this one from The Washington Post’s (of The Fix) Chris Cillizza has to be one of strangest. During a roundtable discussion today on Morning Joe, panelists were weighing in on the debate last night and whether or not Trump stopped the bleeding with his debate performance.


Here is what Chris had to say (transcript follows)


He needs independents. he needs women. There’s just not much there last night that I think would convince you if you were not for him previously, particularly if you’re a woman. He kept referring to Hillary Clinton as “she”, “her”, which was a concerted strategy. I’m not sure why. So I think he did do enough to stay in the race and keep them from running but didn’t do anything that would help him win.

Good heavens, not “SHE” or “HER”!! That monster!

What was Trump supposed to do? Refer to her as “that”? I’ve heard some goofy complaints, but this is ridiculous. Not only that, he floats the theory it was some kind of “strategy.”

“Donald, when you get out there on the stage, we want you to refer to Hillary with female pronouns.”




“It’s a great strategy!”


Hey Chris, I took a look at the debate transcript. Here is part of that transcript where Hillary was talking about Donald Trump:

But I think it’s clear to anyone who heard it, that it represents exactly who HE is. Because we have seen this throughout the campaign. We have seen HIM insult women. We have seen HIM rate women on their appearance, ranking them from one to ten, we’ve seen HIM embarrass women on TV and on Twitter. We saw HIM after the first debate, spend nearly a week denigrating a former miss universe in the harshest, most personal terms.

What kind of crazy strategy was she attempting to employ here, Chris? Please try and get to the bottom of this.


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