Brutal New Ad Against Trump Reminds People Of His Temperament (VIDEO)

In the debate last night, Donald Trump hilariously tried to make his temperament one of the positives for him in his race against Hillary Clinton. Anybody paying attention for the last 16 months, understands the absurdity of his efforts to convince people he’s the one to trust with the nuclear codes.

Priorities USA wasted zero time in putting together an ad to remind people — or better yet, for Hillary Clinton, to show people for the first time — what kind of temperament, Donald Trump would bring to the White House.

Here’s the ad:

Mobile users:

Granted, there will be plenty of Trump supporters who are going to cheer when they see this ad. They love that part of is temperament. It’s a testament to his status as an “outsider.”

The target audience for this ad however, may not have seen these clips of Trump. Unless I am mistaken, they’re all from 2015 or early in 2016, when the only people paying attention to the race were Republican primary voters.

This will be their first glimpse and it’s not a positive one.

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