Manafort: Trump Stopped Listening To Me

As you have likely heard, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort has resigned from the Trump campaign. Manafort was brought in after former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was shown the door. Manafort, an experienced political operative was brought in to the campaign to add some gravitas and discipline. He was also brought in to show GOP leadership he was “serious” about running for President.

The word is however, that Manafort ultimately couldn’t keep Trump on the rails and it was a large part of why Manafort decided he wanted out:

According to a source close to Manafort who was granted anonymity to speak frankly about his resignation, tensions surfaced after “Trump stopped listening to him and Manafort refused to just go along for the ride.”

The source said the former campaign chairman was “saying things Trump didn’t want to hear,” such as advising him to “stop attacking Gold Star families” and “stop making veiled Second Amendment references.”

The media is naturally slobbering over one teleprompter based speech Trump gave in the last two days, asking the magic question of whether or not Trump has finally turned things around. The problem is, it’s a familiar scene. Donald Trump has a few good days, the media asks, “Is this it?” and then Trump sets himself on fire again.

With Breitnart’s Steve Bannon taking over the campaign at the top, one has to wonder if we’ll see the contrite, measured Trump around much longer. His teleprompter speech was likely the work of Manafort combined with Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new campaign manager.

I suspect another Trump outburst is on the horizon. It’s merely a matter of how long it will take.


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