Morning Joe: From Enabling Trump To Trashing Him (VIDEO)

If you’ve watched Morning Joe at any point over the last several weeks, you’ve been witness to a Trump bashing festival. Joe Scarborough along with Mika Brzezinski as well as other panelists have been on a tear as of late, telling people Donald Trump is a horrendous candidate and a terrible choice for the GOP.


How times have changed.

Joe Scarborough didn’t take kindly to my post in March where I called him out for complaining about a “clown show” GOP when he was featuring King Clown Trump on the show at least once a week. If you’ve never seen Morning Joe, you’d be under the assumption they’ve been warning since last year about the danger of Donald Trump.

Here is Mika Brzezinski just last week, warning Trump supporters they’re being “scammed”:

Note too how she insults Trump supporters by claiming they don’t know any better. Joe has previously taken issue with people mocking Trump supporters, citing his brother George as an example of a “lifelong Republican” now supporting Donald Trump. Will Joe call out Mika for saying brother George just doesn’t know any better?

That’s now. Let’s take a step back, shall we?

Here is a video clip in February of Mika Brzezinski telling people prior to the New Hampshire primary the best person to beat Hillary is Donald Trump:

Also in February, audio was leaked revealing the duo of Joe and Mika to be favorable to Trump in candid moments during commercial breaks. 


On month later, John Podhoretz of Commentary was on Morning Joe, registering his disgust for Trump’s candidacy when Mika accused him of having “Trump derangement syndrome.”

You notice the pattern here?Joe and Mika would have people believe they’ve been acting the way they’ve been the last several weeks, since Trump announced his candidacy. That simply isn’t the case.

They were complete enablers, happy to take in whatever ratings boost Trump would give them. The last time Trump was on the show was in May. Since that time, the Morning Joe crew has been pretty hostile towards the Donald.

I wonder why.


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