Megyn Kelly Calls Out Joe Scarborough: From Trump Promoter To Sober Journalist (VIDEO)

If you’ve been watching Morning Joe on MSNBC for the last several weeks, you’d see Joe Scarborough along with Mika Brzezinski and whoever else is on the Morning Joe panel somberly talking about Donald Trump. Their concern for the GOP, Trump supporters and the country shows on their faces as they spend three hours a day talking about what a disaster Trump is.


Mika today was shouting into the camera that Trump supporters need to “Wake up” because this is all a “scam.”

Does that sound familiar? It likely doesn’t because if you’ve been watching since last year when Trump got into the race, Morning Joe has been one of the bigger promoters of Donald Trump. He hasn’t been on the show since the end of May but prior to that, Trump was either in studio or calling into the show 1-2 times a week.

Recently, Joe has said Trump’s refusal to condemn Putin for killing journalists, excusing it by saying “We kill people too,” is disqualifying. There’s only one problem. Trump said that back in December of 2015. Trump continued to be on Morning Joe. If it’s disqualifying, would they have him back?

Megyn Kelly has recognized this and discussed it last night with Dana Perino:

“Even MSNBC and their morning program over there, I mean, they could not have promoted Trump more. And now today, Joe Scarborough is out there talking about how ‘three times in one meeting, he [Trump] asked why he couldn’t drop a nuclear weapon. Once Trump got mad at him he stopped saying nice things about him.”


It is stunning to watch. Joe and Mika are now saying the kinds of things about Trump, those of us here at RedState have been saying….since last year when Morning Joe boarded the Trump Train.

Amazing how things change.




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