Donald Trump Made The GOP Pledge Worthless; Others Should Break It


Many people certainly had a visceral reaction to the post I wrote yesterday about Senator Marco Rubio. Some agreed with my sentiment, others claimed I was wrong and Rubio never said he’d vote for Trump.


But a number of people reacted in a way that I thought was strange. They’d reference the pledge each candidate signed saying they’d endorse whoever the nominee is and not run an independent or third party campaign in lieu of not winning the nomination.

“Marco is keeping his word and that is honorable.”

I suppose but what good is keeping a pledge when one of the players is a complete phony?

First of all, keep in mind what that stupid pledge was all about. Reince Priebus, scared that Donald Trump would deem the GOP was being “unfair” to him would bolt the part and run a third party or independent campaign for President, likely siphoning votes away from GOP nominee. It was not a moment of strength for the RNC Chairman but one of weakness.

Second of all, Donald Trump himself said back in March the GOP pledge was null and void. Why? Trump said, “I’ve been treated very unfairly” by the RNC. Big surprise there. The “fighter” is nothing but a big crybaby. If you don’t recall him saying it, here is the video:


Trump has done nothing but lie, smear and bully his way through the primaries. he had no problem engaging in 9/11 conspiracy theories or attaching the worst of smears to President Bush, claiming he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and he lied about it in order to have a war he wanted.


He lied about the records of his opponents, lied about statements they made, lied about his own positions and his own actions. The man is nearly incapable of telling the truth.

There is no honor in keeping a pledge to support somebody like that. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others have a moral obligation to tell Reince and Donald Trump to stick their pledge where the sun doesn’t shine.

About eighteen months ago, I entered into a business agreement with two other people. A couple of months into that agreement two of us found out the third person involved was kiting checks on our business bank account to the tune of over $1000. Was I somehow obligated to continue the business relationship because we had an agreement? Hell no. It wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Neither is the GOP pledge. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anybody from the GOP breaking it.

Donald Trump is not an honorable man and he has shown that to be the case throughout the primary season. If he wants respect, it requires it be earned. His 40% of the vote does not demand it.



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