Exit Polls Show Trump Poised For A Big Night In New York


A win for Donald Trump in New York, hasn’t been in much doubt. The question has always been, “How big will his win be?” There are 95 delegates at stake and like a lot of other primaries, some delegates are awarded statewide. Others are awarded by congressional district and if any one candidate gets more than 50% of those districts, the candidate gets all three delegates.

According to ABC News:

Trump, according to New Yorkers, has the best chance to beat Hillary:


When it comes to support in November, Trump is by far, the more popular choice in New York:

Trump also prevails among New York GOP primary voters in terms of their own potential support in November, according to preliminary exit poll results. Should he be the party’s nominee, about half in these preliminary results say they’d definitely vote for him; a quarter flatly rule him out. “Definitely support” numbers are lower for Cruz (about a quarter) and Kasich (three in 10). And more Republican primary voters flatly rule out Cruz in November than do so for Trump.

The deep rifts within the party are highlighted by the number of Trump supporters who say they would not vote for Cruz or Kasich in November – roughly four in 10 – and by the number of Cruz or Kasich voters who say they wouldn’t vote for Trump, nearly as many.

Voters in New York do agree the GOP primary has divided the party:


Here is an interesting number. The BLUE STATE of New York is just as “bigoted” as states in the south when it comes to keeping Muslims out of the country:

Muslims/Immigrants/Anger: Six in 10 New York GOP primary voters in these preliminary results also favor banning non-U.S. Muslims from entering the country – a substantial majority


Trump wins on the “outsider” vote:

Trump may reach a new high on his signature issue: Nearly two-thirds of GOP primary voters in these preliminary exit poll results are looking for an outsider rather than someone with political experience.

The delegate allocation is going to be interesting. Trump needs a YUGE night. We’ll find out soon enough.

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