RedState Interview: Senator Tim Scott In Alpharetta, Georgia


Marco Rubio was in Kennesaw, Georgia on Saturday for a rally that drew 7,000. He is going to be back in Atlanta on Monday for in event in Buckhead. In the meantime, one of his supporters, Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina was in Alpharetta for a meet and greet with Rubio supporters at Sage Restaurant.


I had a few minutes to spend with Senator Scott prior to the start of the event and here is what he had to say:

RedState: Super Tuesday is right around the corner. How do you and Senator Rubio feel about how things are going?

Senator Scott: We’re excited about it. He’s in the best position he’s been in for a very long time. He’s still moving up. I think we’re going to have a good Super Tuesday. We’ll collect a lot delegates. The math to the nomination is delegates and we’re anticipating some very good returns.

RedState: In the previous debate, Senator Rubio really took it to Donald Trump. And we saw somebody really get under Trump’s skin for the first time. The question is, with respect to Trump University and illegal immigrant workers he has hired — what took so long? Why wait until now to do this?

Senator Scott: One of the goals of the campaign early on for Marco was to define himself. Not necessarily to attack other candidates but had a good chance to contrast what Trump was saying with what Trump has done. So when you look at the challenges presented to Trump on stage, what Rubio basically said was Donald Trump talks about standing strong on the issue of illegal immigration, but his actions have been inconsistent with that because he has hired illegal immigrants. Donald Trump has talked about looking out for the middle class folks, but the reality of it is based on the bankruptcies, the people left holding the bag are the contractors and sub-contractors who are consistently middle income America. Even on the issue of Obamacare. He’s said in the past he supports a single payer system. So again it is just another example of him being inconsistent in what he says.


RedState: So Donald Trump did several TV interviews this morning.

Senator Scott: I saw some of that!

RedState: He was asked about the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke and he refused to disavow either of them.

Senator Scott: I think he went a little further than that and said about the KKK that there might be some good groups within the KKK. I think you have to start off with a strong repudiation of the KKK and David Duke as well. There is no path to the White House for any candidate for any party who says there may be positive elements in the KKK. That’s just inconsistent with reality. Not only do I personally disavow any positive comments from any candidate from my side of the aisle relative to the KKK but I will go a step further and say from an electability standpoint, it’s just inconsistent with reality that a candidate who says they’re not willing to disavow the KKK but believes they can win in 2016 in America — that’s just an alternative universe.

RedState: Donald Trump is expected to do well on Super Tuesday. You said it is a delegate game but does that make Florida, a must win state for Senator Rubio?

Senator Scott: I really don’t think there are any must wins for Senator Rubio along the way. We’re going to win some states without any question. They key is – two keys – number one, Marco Rubio will and must continue to pick up delegates and number two, we have to make sure Donald Trump has fewer than 50% of the delegates. As long as that math continues, we’ll continue to be in good shape and it will get better.


RedState: One last question: If Donald Trump does win the nomination, would you support him?

Senator Scott: Any Republican nominee is better than either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.


Sounds like a yes to me.


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