Poll: Democrats Are Stupid - 44% Want To Accept Refugees From Fictional Country, Agrabah


About a week ago PPP Polling did a long survey and one of the 41 questions asked was if there was support for bombing the country of Agrabah. The country of course, is fictional. It is the home of Aladdin, from the Disney movie of the same name. Twitter lit up with liberals laughing and talking about how “stupid” Republicans were because 30% of them answered “Yes” to the bombing question.


The left attempted to “prove” how smart they were by pointing to the number of 19% – the percentage of Democrats who wanted to do the same. Conservatives however, suspected the only reason the number was so low, was due largely to Democrats reflexive action of being opposed to war and bombing campaigns.

It turns out conservative suspicion was completely valid.

Wilson Perkins Allen conducted nationwide poll of 1,132 registered voters and here is what they found:

“…a national survey of 1,132 registered voters that found 44% of Democrats would support taking refugees from that same Agrabah. PPP may have proven that some Republicans will support bombing a fictional country, but fully 44% of Democrats will allow refugees from anywhere into the country, whether they are potential ISIS supporters from Syria or potential cartoon characters on a magic carpet ride.”

It gets better (for Republicans who want to laugh at Democrats). 66% of Democrats between the ages of 18-34 want to accept refugees from the Disney created country. It gives one a sense of why so many support Bernie Sanders. That’s to be expected when you’re not all that bright.


I’m sure Democrats will have their apologists coming out and saying, “Yeah so what if it’s not a real country? Democrats at least show how much they care by not caring if the country exists or not!”

Fake country but accurate feelings, am I right?




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