Rick Perry Speaks at #RSG15

Thus far, the 2015 RedState Gathering has been an amazing experience. We’ve had plenty of great speakers, whether they are running for President or not. As you might expect, Rick Perry appearance has been one of the highlights of the Gathering so far. We know he can give a great speech, but I believe he’s probably gotten more applause than anyone else we’ve had on stage this year so far.


Be advised, the video’s sound is only in mono, so adjust your speakers accordingly.

He begins with a powerful reference to Abraham Lincoln’s ability to show true leadership in incredibly tough times. From there he goes on to contrast the 16th President’s character with our current President, another man from Illinois. As you might imagine, Obama does not come off looking great.

In addition to this, he talks about a variety of things. He hits the Iran Deal, crushing bureaucracy and regulation strangling the American economy, his record of job creation and prosperity while Governor of Texas, tort reform, and so much more. Also, he takes time to attack the memes that Republicans are waging a “War on Women” using his record as an example. Stick around for the end, too, where he talks about education policy. It’s definitely one of the strongest parts of his speech.


Whether he’s your top choice for the Republican nomination or not, you have to admit the man knows how to govern as an executive. He made a great case for peoples’ votes today. Even if you’re not going to vote for him (I’m not committed to anyone yet, for the record), I think you’ll find it an inspiring speech nonetheless.


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