Only 4% Got the Right Obamacare Subsidy

Tax Day is tomorrow, and if Obamacare wasn’t complicating people’s lives enough already, it’s going to make paying taxes even more of a pain for most of the people who have signed up for subsidies. According to Betsy McCaughey over at Investor’s Business Daily, if you applied for a federal Obamacare subsidy, chances are the bureaucrats got it wrong. Per the article:

ObamaCare is making the least popular day β€” April 15 β€” even worse. For about 1 in 4 tax filers, it’s turning out to be a nightmare, with extra paperwork and penalties. And for high-earners or anyone selling a piece of property or business, it means higher taxes.

If you enrolled in ObamaCare in 2014 and got a subsidy to pay for it, you’re at risk of losing your refund. Surprise: You may even owe Uncle Sam money. Only 4% of people who signed up for ObamaCare got the correct subsidy, so a whopping 96% will see their tax bill adjusted, some up and others down.

As if that wasn’t making people miserable enough already, we also learn from her piece that the IRS has sent out the wrong subsidy information to 800,000 filers, and the agency has also told them that they must now wait until October to straighten things out. The rest of the article reminds us that, even without this latest news, the tax situation surrounding Obamacare still isn’t pretty.

Once again, we are finding out what happens when you put bureaucrats in charge of the healthcare system. If they’re messing this up, imagine what things might look like under a true system of socialized medicine, and Make no mistake, that is the end goal of this law.

All of this just gives us more reason to be working for a full repeal of Obamacare, and that’s why we need to be demanding all of our 2016 candidates sign on to the idea.