Accidentally Sends a Pro-Life Message tweeted out a rather heart-warming video of dogs waiting on babies to be born and being excited once the bundle of joy has arrived. It is friggin cute and well worth watching.


“NINE” in all caps — which apparently means dogs know life begins in the womb –except to a dog a human pregnancy lasts 5.25 years.

Dodo’s mission statement: “For animal people who want to make a difference, Dodo Impact is the advocacy-focused side of The Dodo. We want our audience to feel empowered to help animals in need,” according to their website, but no positions on humans. has denounced late-term abortions in the past…but only for monkeys .

Vet technician David Roebuck told local news station WINK News that his job at Primate Products included performing regular C-section abortions on late-term pregnant female monkeys. The company then dissected the babies to harvest their organs, which they freeze dried and sold to pharmaceutical companies.

Holy cow! That is graphic and uncomfortable to comprehend.

“When I got involved in that, I knew I just couldn’t live with myself if I was going to be doing that,” Roebuck told WINK News, adding that the facility had two deep freezers filled with baby monkey parts.”


This whistle-blower might need therapy. But as custom dictates, the public will have to attack his online history and sexual preferences, it is known as the Holly O’Donnell rule.

Thank the heavens, there is legal recourse. It’s not like a federal law – like say 42 U.S. Code ยง 289gโ€“2 or anything – it is obscure and doesn’t address the ethics of what is happening, but there is still hope for the pro-monkey movement.
Perhaps someday other activists will be able to use these methods and tactics, like enforcing arbitrary zoning laws and taking whistle-blowers seriously, to defend the lives of unborn human children.
But watch the video, it’ll make you smile. may not have meant to be pro-life but they most certainly were with that video.


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