Why Hasn't Trump Fired Obama's CFPB Director, Richard Cordray?

CFPB Director Richard Cordray, appointed by Barack Obama, is getting a free pass, unlike President Trump’s own appointees.

If the events of the last few weeks have demonstrated anything, it’s that a position in Trump’s cabinet is a precarious perch.


Health and Human Service Sec. Tom Price tenure was cut ignominiously over his private plane trips at taxpayer expense. Now there are five investigations into other cabinet members’ use of the same.

He’s lambasted his Attorney General in public, faulting former Sen. Jeff Sessions for recusing himself in the Russia investigation, calling him, among other things, “VERY weak.”

Former aides like Reince Priebus were hung out to dry, their authority undermined when Trump complained widely about their performance and speculated about who might replace them. Communications director Anthony Scaramucci only lasted a humiliating 10 days.

A pugnacious approach extends to key Capitol Hill allies. This week, Trump attacked Sen. Bob Corker on Twitter as having “begged” for his endorsement, only deciding to require when Trump turned down Corker’s requests. Axios reported that Trump has told associates “Mitch isn’t up to it,” referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Somewhere, sitting inside the billion dollar palace he built with federal funds outside Congress’s reach, Richard Cordray must be laughing.


Cordray, appointed to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by then-President Barack Obama, is one of the purest manifestations of Obama’s vision to “fundamentally transform” America from his entire eight years.

Cordray was initially appointed to helm the CFPB, an agency literally invented and designed by arch liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), in an unconstitutional recess appointment later struck down by the Supreme Court 9-0.

Although Senate Republicans refused to confirm him, Obama would not back down, putting in Cordray in as acting director. Finally, the Senate GOP caved as part of a larger deal meant to stave off the use of the nuclear option, which worked for approximately 15 minutes unil Kim Jong-Reid went nuclear anyway.

Since then, Cordray has worked diligently to express his utter contempt for Congress’s power over his office as vividly as possible in hearings and other public forums. If you don’t believe me, type “Richard Cordray hearings” into YouTube and watch the man for a few minutes. He clearly despises the fact he has to answer to, oh, you know, the people’s elected representatives.


Meanwhile, the CFPB under his direction is busy rewriting the law, inventing new powers for itself with each passing month, creating significant economic uncertainty and weighing down the economy with all sorts of nanny state regulations.

Yet, nearly nine months into the Trump administration, not a hair on Cordray’s head has been touched.

Mr. President, Richard Cordray is laughing at you.

It’s fine for the cabinet and other key officials to come under intense scrutiny from their boss. But it’s beyond time for that scrutiny to be applied to a many who is busy enacting Obama’s agenda in Trump’s name.

Fire Cordray — nine months ago. Yesterday. Before another one of Obama’s terrible ideas for our country becomes the law of the land when all it would take is Trump’s signature on a piece of paper to prevent it.



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