While Paris Was Being Bombed, Barack Obama Released Osama Bin Laden's Bodyguard From GTMO

My sister called me this morning wondering why I hadn’t written anything about it. I had not even heard about it. I did not see coverage on the news. But, it turns out that while Paris was being bombed President Obama released Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard from GTMO along with several other men.

The men had all been cleared for release during the Bush Administration, but released under arrangements to other countries who would keep them locked up. Those arrangements were a long time in coming.

The left will surely say, “See, BUSH!!”

I’d say given that we know Qatar lost track of one of the prisoners we released to them and the otherwise destabilized, changed situation from 2004, perhaps we should have rethought releasing these four men back into the wild.

There is a deep bit of irony in that the left is always telling the right that with new information we should be willing to change our minds on things. But it is now the American left that refuses to accept new data and reconsider situations.

They cannot wait to close down GTMO, even if it means bringing those prisoners here or letting them go.

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