I Literally Cheered @RealDonaldTrump in the Debate

Did I mention John Kasich is an ass? In the Fox debate he tried to dismiss Donald Trump, a man who created a multi-billion dollar company, as a kid on immigration policy. Kasich was condescending and rude in a way Trump had not yet been to him.


But Trump threw it back in Kasich’s face.

Trump talked about Eisenhower and immigration, pointing out that everybody liked Ike and this is what Ike did. He then dismissed Kasich’s economic success as not a product of Kasich’s genius, but of finding oil in the state. Kasich came unhinged. He had the irritating feel of a hemorrhoid on the butt of humanity and Trump gave Kasich no latitude.

It was dazzling, put Kasich in his place, and was a sterling moment for Donald Trump. I found myself cheering Trump at the moment. It was awesome.


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