ABC News Treats Carly Fiorina With Hostility While Giving Hillary Clinton a Pass

Last week, Carly Fiorina had a townhall forum where a man called President Obama a “black muslim.”

ABC News ran a news story on it with the headline “Carly Fiorina Doesn’t Correct Man Who Calls Obama a ‘Black Muslim’. The story also begins with the line “Carly Fiorina did not correct a New Hampshire man today who called President Obama a ‘black man.'”


The news network tweeted it out and pushed the story on social media.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton held a townhall. A man at the townhall says of Carly Fiorina, “Every time I see her on TV I want to reach through and strangle her.”

Hillary Clinton’s response? She laughs then says, “I wouldn’t mess with you.”

ABC News didn’t hold Hillary Clinton accountable for the man’s comments. ABC News did not demand that Hillary Clinton correct the man or admonish the man.

It is just another double standard Republicans should expect.


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