Politicizing Taylor Swift

On Saturday evening, I took my ten year old to her first concert. It was only my second, but my first like that. Wow.

The concert was great. I flooded Instagram with a lot of pictures. Those pictures, in turn, went to Facebook and Twitter.

Here was a sold out concert of approximately 56,800 people, many of them parents with children, and it was perfectly appropriate, which is a rarity in pop culture these days. Taylor Swift had a commanding stage presence, gave a great performance in a well choreographed production, and everyone had a good time.

Afterwards, I looked at twitter and my email and noticed more than one person had complained that I had taken my ten year old to see Taylor Swift. Seriously. Why were they complaining? Because Taylor Swift is apparently supporting Hillary Clinton. Not kidding.

According to the emails and tweets, it was inappropriate for me to take my child to see her favorite singer because her favorite singer is supporting a Democrat.

I just don’t get that attitude. Why must everything be politicized? In fact, Taylor Swift did not politicize her concert. There was no Hillary for President banner anywhere. It never came up. The only people I see politicizing anything are the people who declared I should not have gone.

That must be a miserable existence. I don’t know that any television show or movie or music, except for long dead Classical composers, would be acceptable if I limited myself based on the political affiliations of performers.

Then there are the people who get upset over where you shop. I’ve been criticized before for eating at Arby’s because of positions they’ve taken. Others are enraged by Chick-Fil-A.

Personally, I think life is too short to get upset by the fact that a singer might support a politician you don’t like especially when it’s not like the singer is in your face about it. And I don’t have enough time or energy to figure out the political leanings of the various grocery stores, restaurants, and other facilities I use.

More power to you if you do, but leave me out of it.

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