Donald Trump Does Not Deserve This Sort of B.S.

Donald Trump and I may have our disagreements, but today someone is photoshopping a made up tweet claiming it is from Donald Trump and it now appears earlier this week an Atlanta radio “news” host made up a Trump interview.

The radio show host is on a competing station to mine, by way of disclosure. Our station has had on Mr. Trump a few times with Herman Cain. But this other station has not gotten access to Trump and made up a story to damage Trump’s credibility. Making it worse, the station, News Radio 106.7, advertises itself as a real news station.

People close to Mr. Trump tell me they thought the interview was spliced together or an old interview. The “news” station claims Mr. Trump refused to talk policy and would not let the host ask him about policy. Someone at the station is now whispering it was a fabrication.

The situation generated national news headlines damaging to Mr. Trump, but now the host who conducted the interview is off the air and the station is investigating.

There are many things over which to criticize Donald Trump, but when you have to make up an interview or photoshop a tweet, you’re doing it wrong.

Trump and I may have had a very public feud over the RedState Gathering, but if this really was made up as the Trump team is claiming and as someone at the radio station is claiming, it is flat out wrong.

Regardless of my position on Donald Trump, no candidate deserves this sort of B.S.