Welcome, Leon

The post title is somewhat facetious. Leon has been here for a number of years now. I remember when people on the front page started agitating for him to be on the front page. There was no way on earth I was going to allow him on the front page with a user name like “LeonMachoNacho”. Apparently, he really likes nachos.

But I finally relented because the quality of his writing is superb. Then I started referring to Leon as our house snapping turtle. Once he latches on to something, he does not let go until he gets resolution or hears thunder. But rarely has he been wrong.

Over the last few years, Leon has taken on more of a role behind the scenes on his own. He’s just picked up slack when it was there despite having a day job, a wife, and now two kids to manage along with lots and lots of baseball.

As things keep getting busier and busier for me, with a new book coming out early next year, seminary, and more and more radio obligations, it is only fitting that I’m bringing Leon on today as our new managing editor. Now you don’t just have to complain to me. You can complain to Leon too!

Over the past several months, Leon has also been coming down to Atlanta and filling in on WSB. It is my intention to make his super guest/fill-in host for Salem. It is one of the awkward bits of Salem’s purchase of RedState. Given that I have a radio show, I cannot do much radio with our present Beltway Overlords. So Leon will be able to fill that void.

So welcome Leon and consider this an open thread.

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