GOP Leaders Hoping a Pro-Life Group Will Help Them Fund Planned Parenthood

If you are a donor to the National Right to Life Committee, this story should really horrify you. Republicans in Washington, D.C. are hoping that National Right to Life will help the keep funding flowing to Planned Parenthood.


For years National Right to Life (“NRLC”) has claimed to be the national leader for the pro-life cause. For years. All the while, they’ve worked to prop up Democrats so they could claim a measure of bipartisanship. Remember Bart Stupak? Stupak helped pass Obamacare and used his pro-life rating at NRLC as cover to help implement an expansion agenda to fund killing kids.

Time and time again, NRLC has so relished the opportunity to be bipartisan and be “reasonable” they’ve done little other than be the mouthpieces for a GOP squandering the pro-life cause.

Here again comes the Republican Party wanting NRLC to save them from pro-lifers. They want the group people view as defenders of the unborn to help the GOP keep funding a group that savages kills children and sells them for scrap.

That is your national pro-life group. That is the group the GOP knows will do their bidding to keep the killing spree going.

If you are donor to National Right to Life, you should be very, very troubled.


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