Something New

In early 2009, I started doing a morning briefing here at RedState. I started it without telling the corporate bosses at Eagle Publishing, but the list grew really quickly. By the end of the year, they were wondering why I was sending an email out to 100,000 people a day. I didn’t know it cost money. haha. The email now goes out to more than half a million conservatives five days a week.

But they were pleased with the initiative and I’ve been doing the Morning Briefing ever since. In fact, if there is a glitch and it does not go out, I’m guaranteed a few thousand emails from people wondering where it is. I have put the Morning Briefing together every morning at 4am without fail, including more than once having the flu and once having undergone emergency surgery the day before. I’ve done the briefing sitting in a hospital as my wife was giving birth to a child. I’ve done it on airplanes. I once nearly missed it because I was in Germany and realized with the time change I had thirty minutes to get it done.

Once, Caleb Howe had to step in and do the briefing for me because I really was too sick to do it.

Finally, after six years of doing this every morning, Salem, our new corporate overlord, has graciously decided I can share the burden with someone else. Starting tomorrow, Leon Wolf is going to be doing the Morning Briefing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m going to seminary and writing a book. Both involve a lot of travel on Mondays and Wednesdays and I really don’t want to keep getting up. The gray hairs I’m getting are mostly from the Morning Briefing.

The name at the end may look different tomorrow, but all is well and, for once, I get to sleep in.

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