Proud to Support Governor Nikki Haley

Yesterday, in South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley brought together a diverse group of Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina to urge the state legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from state house grounds.


In doing so, Governor Haley showed real leadership — the kind people in Washington always say they want but never bother trying to achieve. In doing so, she took on an issue that could be divisive and worked very hard to make it a moment of unity instead.

In 1997, then Republican Governor David Beasley set off a war within the South Carolina GOP over the flag. Beasley wanted it taken down. Instead of supporting his position, Democrats used it as a political opportunity and handed Beasley an anchor that sank him, handing the Governor’s office to Democrat Jim Hodges.

Governor Haley was able to unite the parties in South Carolina and has worked to unite the people too on this issue. I am very, very proud that this site has long supported Governor Haley and I cannot wait to see her at the RedState Gathering.


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