We Need More Christian Private Schools

Efland, North Carolina is not some major metropolis. It is in Orange County, North Carolina. Omar Currie was a third grade teacher there and also a gay rights advocate. In April, he read his third grade class the book King & King. It’s about two princes who fall in love and get married. Yes — the third grade class got introduced to homosexual relationships.

On top of that, parents were not notified and complained. Naturally, the school system sided with the gay rights advocate and not the parents. But then the system put in place a policy that in the future parents would be notified of what books would be read. So the gay rights advocate, Omar Currie, resigned.

He added the policy gives parents the opportunity to allow their children to opt out of important conversations, whether they are about the LGBQT community or other topics.

“I think that that’s very dangerous for a school system to get behind and support,” Currie said.

I do not have to worry as much about indoctrination by leftwing advocates in my kids’ school. It is private and affiliated with our church. But more and more kids are being culturally indoctrinated, assimilated, and made to care by left-wing advocates who peddle queer theory into elementary classrooms.

I have said for a while that there is a mission field for churches across America. We need more private, Christian schools where low income parents can send their children to escape the state indoctrination and provide their children a sound education.

There are some out there that do this. Our own children’s school provides access, but it is only one school and can only do so much.

The left is vastly more interested in making sure students think the right things than that they are critical thinkers. It is a long term problem and the church could play a role.