Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Financial Anorexia

When Bill and Hillary Clinton look at themselves in the mirror, they see poor people. They are rich. They have a huge house in a wealthy neighborhood. They do not have to fly commercial. Their daughter has married into a wealthy family. They’ve done quite well for themselves.

But the richer they get, they still see themselves as poor. So they are greedy.

That is the ultimately problem for the Clintons. It has caused them, in their quest to keep up with imaginary Joneses, to behave as authorities unto themselves. Both have gamed the system to increase their income. Both have obstructed investigations. Both have behaved as if the rules did not apply to them.

And after all, why should the rules apply to them? In a party run by Rockefellers, Heinz-Kerrys, and Kennedys, they came from hillbilly stock in the dirt of Arkansas. Well, Bill did, but Hillary married into it. So they set about accumulating wealth to compete against the Joneses of the Democratic Party.

This continues to plague them. Hillary Clinton rejecting the necessity of government email is another example of the Clintons thinking the rules do not apply to them as they continue their quest to accumulate more cash. One wonders, now that we know about the Clinton Foundation’s foreign cash, exactly what Hillary Clinton was hiding in her emails.

But it all comes back to the same root cause. Bill and Hillary Clinton have financial anorexia. They look in the mirror and they see poor people. But poor people cannot compete against the silver spooned elites of the Democratic Party who already had an accumulation of wealth. So the Clintons will bend, break, and obstruct rules to catch up.

It is beginning to catch up to them.