Whoa. Hold On Folks.

Sure, I wanted [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] to lose.

And yes, it is continually frustrating to know conservatives in their quiet place are ready to vote against him, but when they get to the floor they cave.


But I am seeing some hysterically enraged tweets, direct messages, Facebook posts, emails, and text messages.

Maybe it is because I’m sitting in a seminary class right now while everyone else is so focused on this vote, but I think conservatives, in a minority position within their own conference, have to show more grace than the other side.

Telling your friends to go to hell because you disagree with their vote does more harm than good. The problem within the conservative movement in many of these fights is the same as that for the GOP in the larger electoral process.

Being greeted by furrowed brows and red faced spittle versus a smile is a no brainer for most people.

I had several of the people who voted for Boehner today tell me that they were opposed to him. They are not today less my friend than yesterday. It was a tough fight to begin with. For many of the new guys, it became an insurmountable hill to climb on their first day.

Buck them up. Don’t tear them down. It is not productive.

I just think conservatives need a stronger measure of grace for our friends, lest we find ourselves without friends.


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