Republicans and the Chris Hughes/Sean Eldridge Love Fest

I’ve noticed a trend on the left and right in the past few years. People of limited accomplishment participate in fawning love affair press that claims the people are somehow the masters of the universe. James Kirchick does a great job in this schadenfreude-o-licious piece at the Daily Beast.


Liberal writers have, for the last several years, fallen all over themselves to praise Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge as two of the most accomplished twenty-somethings in history. Dana Milbank, Andrew Sullivan, Carl Swanson, and more wrote poetry and prose to those two guys as if they were Aphrodite incarnate.

Now, of course, Eldridge has lost his congressional race after spending an embarrassing amount of money and Hughes has ruined the already ruined New Republic. But the prose and poetry to their singular accomplishments live on in Google searches.

I don’t fault people participating in profile stories. Heck, there’s one coming out about me soon. But I am sure it will not cast me as some Svengali on the right. Unfortunately, I continue to see twenty and thirty something Republicans of little to no accomplishment working PR magic to be proclaimed Svengali of various things.

The latest, of course, is technology. If you hire some guy in Mumbai to build your website and charge your client hundreds of thousands of dollars in markup when you could have gotten off the shelf Salesforce integration instead, prepare to be heralded as a genius. Crashing your client’s fundraising website will not be held against you.

Wear hipster clothes, drink cheap beer, and hang out with Obama’s tech crowd while being a Republican and you can bet some publication is going to write a near sexual piece about how awesome and accomplished you are.


Look again at Chris Hughes, a guy whose singular accomplishment was being the roommate to the guy who created Facebook. The media fell all over themselves to praise Hughes joining Barack Obama’s social media team. Same thing now happens on the right. Orca can be forgiven if you drink the right cheap beer, wear plaid, and get a wink from the Obama team.

Conservative donors continue to get ripped off by Washington clowns who do not know what the hell they are doing, but know how to get great PR and use corporate buzzwords akin to those used by Chris Hughes when he shut down his “digital media platform” or whatever it was.

The GOP is going to keep screwing up so long as it puts brand before actual talent and media profiles ahead of actual accomplishment.


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