Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

I got up at 5am, got the turkey ready, and had it on the Big Green Egg by 6am. Today will be exhausting and awesome at my house. My whole family has come over. The house is filled with laughter, warmth, and the smells of the season.


Of course, I can’t smell any of them. I’m sick. My voice, thankfully, is on the mend. I have to be on TV this afternoon so I’m not talking much this morning.

In any event, I hope you all have a blessed day. I am so thankful for the great and wonderful friends with whom I write on this site. They have been good friends for so long and I count myself lucky to know them. I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

We’ve been at this now for a decade. We’ve had friends here who’ve died, others are welcoming children and grandchildren, and still others are marrying. This too is family.

All the best and God bless,



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