Parrots, Whores, and Clowns: Barack Obama's Press Corps

Media Clowns

The press leans left. That is an objective fact. Trace the roots of many reporters’ careers or that of their spouses or now, in some cases, their children, and you will find they are ideological brethren with the Democrats’ base.


This is why they can herald the activist left’s defeat of Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Connecticut Democratic Primary as the rise of grassroots democracy, then spend the next seven years angrily denouncing the tea party’s much more successful and sustained house cleaning on the right.

The press is a herd of progressive lemmings. It plays whore to the courtiers of the Obama Administration, parrots their talking points, and acts as national political clown.

Consider the collective consensus of the press on how to describe the 2014 election. Just listen:

And now consider just how useful Barack Obama finds them. Last week, the President struck up a global warming deal with China on carbon emissions. The United States will reduce its emissions, but China will do absolutely nothing. The President, in his speech, called the deal “historic.” That is important. The President said it.

Got that? The President used the word “historic” to describe the deal. Listen to his parrots, whores, and clowns.


From the President saying it to “some are calling it” to it just being historic. The press just ran with it.

So is it any wonder the press is largely ignoring Jonathan Gruber or, as is happening more frequently, just running with Barack Obama’s talking points.

Jonathan Gruber was a routine visitor to the White House and sat in on the meetings to formulate Obamacare. Democrats across the nation and in Washington cited him, relied on him, and used him.

Now they’re all distancing themselves. He’s just a guy who got a grant. President Obama called him a nobody.

And the press that picked up “historic” will pick that up too.

It’s what they do.


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