Moral Equivalence

I noted last night that we do not hear of new converts to Christianity going on to kill, behead, or blow themselves up.

More often, though, we are finding in the relativistic, amoral modern West that new recruits to Islam are doing just that. A convert in Oklahoma beheaded a lady. In the last two days various new converts to Islam in Canada have engaged in terrorist attacks. In fact, at an alarming rate young Muslims and new recruits in Canada are desperate to go to terror training camps.


Young Christians off to Vacation Bible School do not go off and declare war on any societies. Or so I thought.

Naturally, leftists were quick to throw out the names of Christians who had murdered. They missed the “new converts” part. We’re all sinners and can fall to sin. But where are the new converts blowing themselves up?

I have an answer now from a self-described Christian who wrote a book called Jesus is Better Than You Imagined. Jonathan Merritt is one of the loudest voices on the Christian left in favor of gay marriage and the church embracing homosexuality. And he also thinks Christians do go out and kill like new Muslim converts. His tweet:

Again, the point I made was pretty clear. This is what he was responding to:


I did not know new Christian converts get drones to blow people up.

It is important to note that Jonathan is a leading voice on the Christian left. And he believes Christians use drones to kill other people in moral equivalence to new Islamic converts decapitating people and gunning down soldiers at War Memorials.

I am sure Barack Obama is in the White House today declaring his air strikes on ISIS part of Jesus’s plan.


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