Yes, You Should Support Rob Maness for US Senate

Look at how the NRSC races have gone. We may lose Kansas because the NRSC did not vet their candidate there. We may very well lose North Carolina too. But the NRSC told us their candidate there was the best candidate.


Now, in Louisiana, the NRSC is telling us not to support Rob Maness for the Senate. “Trust us,” they tell us. Look at their track record.

I am supporting Rob Maness and you should too.

Both Cassidy and Landrieu are creatures of Washington, D.C. Hell, Landrieu is routinely cited as a Washington, D.C. resident. Cassidy too is a creature of Washington.

The only real outsider who will go to Washington and not be a part of Washington is Rob Maness. But he needs your help to get there. I want you to do what you can to help Rob.

This is going to be a tough fight, but Rob continues to show improvement in the polls and Cassidy continues to decline. Cassidy is a poor candidate and, given the NRSC’s track record, likely to lose to Landrieu.

We can win the Louisiana Senate seat, but not with another creature of Washington.


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