The Ridiculous Handwringing of the Overthinking GOP

Byron York tells us the GOP is worried they may get their strategy wrong in 2014. Back in 1998, you see, they made it about Bill Clinton and got spanked. They expected to pick up seats, but they lost seats.


But in this entire piece from Byron, there is one word missing — “Gallup”.

Republicans in 1998 faced an incumbent President with popularity above 60% for most of 1998. They tried running a political campaign to convince America that they need to stop a President who sixty percent of them loved.

Compare Clinton in 1998 to Barack Obama in 2014. Obama has not been above 45% popularity the whole year.

Wringing hands over the 1998 strategy compared to the 2014 strategy is ridiculously stupid. It is an apples to oranges comparison that also involved a Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1998 who was more polarizing than the President of the United States.

Likewise, Republicans have nothing to sell the American people on for themselves. Crony capitalism, being in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce, giving Barack Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling, funding Obamacare, and collaborating on keeping DACA in place are really not the things the American public want to hear about right now.

Bill Clinton was popular in 1998 and Newt Gingrich was not. Making the race about Clinton was silly and the GOP got spanked. John Boehner is an enigma in 2014 and Barack Obama is unpopular. Make it about Obama and win. No one wants to hear about how the GOP behaved liked surrender monkeys for four years.


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