Democrats Deploy Their Mississippi Strategy Against Jody Hice in Georgia

The Georgia Republican runoff is less than two weeks away on July 22, 2014. Having successfully swung the Mississippi Senate runoff against the conservative, Democrats in Georgia are coordinating with the GOP establishment to defeat the conservative running in Georgia’s tenth congressional district.


Jody Hice, the undisputed conservative in the race to replace Congressman Paul Broun, is . . . well . . . a conservative. His opponent, Mike Collins, is the son of a congressman who goes around the district talking about what friends he is with various House committee chairmen in DC, etc.

In an organized effort, an outside group has begun mailing Democrats absentee ballot applications. The mail piece explains to Democrats that there is no chance a Democrat will win in the district (true, Paul Broun won it several times) and the only way to stop conservatives from winning is to support Mike Collins.

Having seen the results of Mississippi, moderate and liberal Republicans are throwing in with the Democrats to beat Jody Hice.

Conservatives can absolutely win this district. And they should win this district. But in an open runoff, Democrats are going to try to beat us. We need to do what we can to help Jody Hice.


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