Rep. Tom Cole Has a Sad

Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK HAFA Score 49%) is upset with me1. He voted to give Barack Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling into 2015 and voted to fund Obamacare, but he wants America to know that the Republicans are fighting Barack Obama.


He went to Barack Obama’s own network, MSNBC, this morning to tell Chuck Todd that I, your editor, am profiting from telling people John Boehner’s lawsuit is a political stunt and that the House Republicans’ motives are as pure as a congressional intern at 3am on the streets of the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC.

Seriously, this lawsuit is a really big deal, Tom Cole wants us to know. The House Republicans are fighting Barack Obama at every opportunity in which they are not funding him and by God they’re going to go to court to have the court undo all the funding they’ve done — and wag their judicious finger at Barack Obama telling him to cut it out.

And guys like Erick Erickson (that’d be me) are making a butt load of cash telling you all how much the Republicans are caving like Frenchmen on a battlefield.

If you don’t believe Tom Cole, just wait until you get the NRCC fundraising email telling you how much more they’ll stand up to Barack Obama if just send some cash.

And me? I’m salaried without commission.

  1. Please note that Rep. Tom Cole is from the reddest state in the nation, Oklahoma, and has a lower Heritage Action rating than Eric Cantor.



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