Abortion Barbie a/k/a Wendy Davis Aborts Her Filibuster Anniversary Fundraiser

Poor old Abortion Barbie. She made her name on filibustering pro-life legislation in pink sneakers and then spent most of the rest of last year running away from that as her single accomplishment. But, as the anniversary of what made her famous approaches, she decided to fundraise off the filibuster by having a filibuster anniversary bash.


There’s just one problem — lack of interest. So she’s had to abort the idea. Instead of charging people to come celebrate her filibuster, she’s having to give tickets away. When people don’t want to pay $20.00 to celebrate the champion of vacuuming kids’ brains out, it is the only recourse.

Poor ole Wendy. She’s just not used to having to work that hard for things. She had a husband to take on her kids and pay for her schooling and legislative special interests to build up her law practice and out of state liberals to build up her gubernatorial campaign. And now that all the liberals realize Texans really aren’t that into the wholesale slaughter of kids in utero, there’s just not a lot left except trading on the past glory of a filibuster she once wanted to distance herself from.

The sooner she just embraces the Abortion Barbie label and owns it, the sooner she can move on to that MSNBC talk show contract.


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