Foot Soldiers in the Real War on Women

Five more foot soldiers are headed back to the front lines of the real war on women thanks to President Obama. Abdul Haq Wasiq was a deputy minister of intelligence for the Taliban and helped Al Qaeda. He has been accused of murder and torture.


Mullah Norullah Noori was a military commander for the Taliban. He fought American forces in Afghanistan and, according to Fox News, “Noori has been implicated in the murder of thousands of Shiites in northern Afghanistan.” Noori said the killings were necessary as the Taliban worked to create their “ideal state.”

Mullah Mohammad Fazi is the Taliban’s former deputy defense minister. He commanded a division of the Taliban’s army and serve as the Chief of Staff to the Taliban Army. He maintained ties with various terrorist groups and coordinated with them.

Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa is the former governor of Herat province. We know he represented the Taliban in meetings with Iranians and had close times to Osama Bin Laden. The government is also pretty certain he trafficked in opium in addition to maintaining a terror training camp in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Nabi Omari smuggled weapons for the Taliban and possibly Al Qaeda. He maintained close ties to the Taliban’s leadership in Afghanistan and with local terror networks.

For all the Democrats’ shrill rhetoric against Republicans being engaged in a “war on women,” these men really were. They were foot soldiers in the Taliban’s war on women before they turned to war with Al Qaeda against the United States. They believe women should be fully covered. They believe in stoning women and keeping them from an education. They believe if a woman is raped she deserved it. They also believe in death to America. They have been released from Guantanamo Bay on orders of President Obama for an American soldier named Bowe Bergdahl.


Bowe Bergdahl appears to have walked off his military base in Afghanistan without permission. His colleagues believe he deserted. They suggest he was sympathetic to the Taliban and disillusioned with the American military.

On CNN, his former squad leader, Staff Sgt. Justin Gerleve, told Jake Tapper that Bergdahl “totally deserted.” While Gerleve said, “I can’t say for sure the leakage was from Bergdahl” he noted that after Bergdahl left the base attacks from the Taliban “did get more direct, the IEDs did get more pinpoint to our trucks rather than the side of the roads, and everything like that.” Gerleve also confirmed Bergdahl left the base in search of the Taliban.

Other soldiers who have come forward to confirm Bergdahl’s troubling actions say that when it became apparent Bergdahl had left in search of the Taliban, the military insisted the soldiers sign nondisclosure agreements. Several of those who have spoken out say they felt compelled to break their non-disclosure agreements because of what President Obama has done.

The White House clearly was caught off guard by the reaction. The President’s team thought they’d be praised for doing everything they could to get one soldier back. They did not seem to understand that while the American public wants all our soldiers home, they do not necessarily want five prominent terrorists exchanged for one deserter. That is not a fair or good trade. The White House apparently thinks there is no difference between a soldier captured on the battlefield and one who deserted in search of the enemy.


What is most shameful now is Obama Administration officials’ reaction to the soldiers who are speaking out. They are accusing the soldiers of “swift boating” Bergdahl — a derisive term relating to the soldiers who attacked John Kerry’s Vietnam service. Brandon Friedman, the Public Affairs Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, took to twitter to refer to the non-deserting soldiers who served with Bergdahl as “psychopaths.” Meanwhile, the President’s National Security Advisor claims Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.”

The Obama Administration, yet again, seems confused by who are and are not the bad guys. They refuse to negotiate with “hostage taking” Republicans, but free five terrorists for one deserter to satisfy the hostage taking Taliban.

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