A Few More Thoughts on Noah

I get that some of you like art house Euro sci-fi movies. Not me. The scene where Noah is explaining the history of the world and shows silhouettes of people killing each other from tribal men Roman centurions to red coats fighting yankees to the world wars was just silly to me.


I did not go for a Christian film or a Biblical film. I just went to be entertained knowing they had to do something to turn two chapters of the Bible into a two hour movie. I didn’t care, but I didn’t find it entertaining except in how hysterically dreadful it was.

Here’s the thing though — many of the positive Christian reviews of the movie read like the ugly kid who is excited because the cool, cute kid just looked their way. What cheap dates.

Go see the movie if you want. Some friends of my enjoyed it. One says he enjoyed it without liking it. It was way too art house for me. I’d prefer Evan Almighty. The rock monsters were pretty bad ass though.


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