Ben Sasse Has Momentum in Nebraska


It is time for you too to get behind Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate Primary. At three percent in the polls this past June, Sasse is now tied at the front with Mitch McConnell’s pick.


Unsurprisingly, Mitch McConnell and the Washington Lobbyist crowd’s pick does best with people who don’t like the tea party and Sasse does best with those who do like the tea party.

The effort to fully poison the well with Ben Sasse’s opponent is ongoing. The Washington lobbyist sector continues to throw the opponent lavish fundraisers and Mitch McConnell got the guy to DC to get in front of Senators. They are just going to destroy an otherwise good guy and make him one of the status quo.

If you oppose the status quo in Washington, you need to support Ben Sasse. He is supported by RedState, Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives Fund, and others. Mitch McConnell hates him because the conservative movement has rallied to him.

So who do you want to be with — the lobbyists and establishment guys who jacked up the national debt to $17 trillion, or the conservatives who have fought and still fight for a balanced budget and limited government?

Ben Sasse’s opponent hasn’t even gotten to Washington yet and is already in their pocket. And they’d have taking from your pocket if he got there.

So join RedState and support Ben Sasse. He’s the guy the conservative movement supports and he will support us, not K Street, in D.C.


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