House GOP: Stand Your Ground

This is just embarrassing. The House GOP has refused to fight on Obamacare. Right now they are going through an elaborate dance routine, complete with leotards and streamers, to show everyone they are really fighting for something.They’ve gone through so many iterations, no one is really sure what it is they are fighting for, but it is for certain they are not fighting to defund Obamacare.So what’s the point?They started this process letting everyone know they’d never, ever shut down the government. Now they claim they are willing to shut down the government, but will only shut it down over nothing.So pass a clean CR, embrace the suck, and admit you never really wanted to fight Obamacare. You guys are wimps. The alternative is to stop negotiating with yourself, get into the shutdown, then dare the Democrats to refuse to continue to negotiate. Negotiating with yourselves is embarrassing. Stand your ground, stop whittling down your proposal, and fight against Obamacare. Or just pass a clean CR, own the suck, stop wasting everybody’s time, and move on.



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