Using Dead Bodies For Political Points

Obama starts the year by demagoguing Newtown and gun crime to an insane length. You have ‘they deserve a vote.’ You have all the talk about the need to get serious about guns. All of that.Then next, you have all the quiet talk about how the President doesn’t really need an assault weapons ban in the gun bill. You have mouthpiece of the Democratic National Committee Greg Sargent saying 20 times a day that the assault weapons ban is not the President’s priority; it’s the background check. That’s his priority. That’s what he cares about.Then yesterday, Harry Reid basically comes out and says the Assault Weapons Ban is dead, and that – by the way – Dianne Feinstein might be embarrassed if she offers it as an amendment, because it will get fewer than 40 votes.And next, the White House suddenly makes itself heard again on the assault weapons ban. McDonough comes out and says that by God, the President has always been 100% committed to it, and he won’t let it die.Translation: now that the ban is dead, and there is minimum danger to the red state Democrats, the President is going to demagogue it more. And you can bet he will be demagoguing it for months – now that it’s safe to do so.So Newtown victims, Aurora victims, Oak Creek victims – you have been used. By the President. And damn if your blood isn’t going to be very useful in the months ahead.The only caution I have is that by making it an amendment, the GOP may walk into a trap if the President uses the memories of the dead enough to get to 51 in the Senate. But it’d never pass the House and he’d keep right on using the victims for political points.It may disgust you, but it is not unexpected. This is the man who sat silently by for a week while the left blamed the right for the attempted assassination of Gabby Giffords.



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