Texas House Republicans Meet TODAY to Plot Cave on Obamacare

Empower Texans brings rather troubling news that today Texas State House of Representatives Republicans will meet at 1p.m. CT to begin “discussing” caving on Obamacare and expanding Medicaid.Governor Rick Perry is solid on the issue, but if enough members of the Texas legislature disagree with him, they could override him.The ring leader is apparently State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, along with Representative John Zerwas.[UPDATE:] I’m being told this morning that the initial information on the meeting was misinterpreted and Rep. Kolkhorst and Zerwas are actually the heroes here getting everyone in line. My apologies to the Representatives. Several people tell me Rep. Kolkhorst in particular is rallying to keep everyone in line.If you live in Texas, go to the RedState Action Center RIGHT NOW and email members of the Texas State House of Representatives. Tell them to oppose the Medicaid expansion.



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