Spin Masters

I’ve been catching up on my reading of late. One book I’ve been making my way through in detail and contributed a quote on behalf of for publication is David Freddoso’s Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama published by RedState’s sister company, Regnery Publishing.


It’s the book that needed to be written about 2012. A conservative criticism of the media that many in the media shared was the routine habit of reporters fixating on Obama talking points and ignoring news not spun up by that campaign.

Fast & Furious, covered by Sheryl Atkinson at CBS and barely probed by others, foreign policy problems, and the economic collapse were either dismissed or relatively ignored by much of the media.

David does a good job documenting just how in the tank the media was for Barack Obama’s re-election. Conservatives who keep lamenting this should read David’s book because it gives them the ammunition to make the case without seeming like they’re just whining about bias.


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