Even an Ugly Cat Knows This

When you come to RedState, you aren’t charged. The Morning Briefing is free. You want a RedState account? You got one. You want to comment? Okay.

We’re free.


Like listening to the radio, you don’t have to pay. We make our money off of ads. It’s simple.

But you guys complain. Some of the ads are annoying. Okay — some of the ads are damn annoying. When I see my face pop up on my own screen, I just pretend I’m playing that old Ninetendo duck shooting game and click to make it go away. You should too.

What’s the point?

Well, even an ugly cat knows you can’t get something for nothing. Hell, we just had an election where we made that argument and, unlike the winning side there, I have no ability to raise taxes on rich people. I require you and ugly cats everywhere to click on ads.

You may find them annoying and a nuisance, but, like with a commercial time out on my radio show, I hear the angels raining down pennies from Heaven every time you click through.


That’s how RedState makes its money. We put ads in the Morning Briefing and here at RedState. People actually pay us to do that. They expect you will see them and you might click through. Some are better than others. Some are uglier than the cat, but those usually also have a picture of me in them. Nonetheless, we kind of hope you might click through and help us so we can keep helping you.

Click the ads.

On a more serious note, and pay attention to this one, RedState and I piss off a lot of people who might otherwise buy ads at RedState. We pull no punches here and that costs us advertisers. A lot of advertisers on our side peddle squishy people and squishy ideas and they have lots of money. And they won’t come here because they know you are not their audience and I’d probably say something very not nice about them even if they bought an ad here. Why do you think so few sites are willing to write about the incestuous consulting web on the right? Hmmm…..


The reality is that we at RedState don’t believe in compromising our principles or integrity and because we won’t we do not get all the ads other sites may get. We value our readers and our advertisers and it is a symbiotic relationship. They buy ads, you see ads, you click on the ads. We don’t sell out.

It’s the way the web works. It keeps our lights on and you not having to actually pay to read or write at RedState. So click on the ads please and remember they are there to help us help you. And if you feel like it, you can cough up your own coins for the cause. Maybe one day we’ll set it up so if you give enough you can see the site ad free. But that day isn’t here yet. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you don’t click the ads, well, that kitty just might . . .


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