The Ending Spending Model

Yesterday I was less than complimentary of a bunch of the money spent by Republican billionaires and millionaires to advance the GOP this past year. Many of them threw good money after bad, hired marketers for technology, pooled their money with GOP ad guys who wasted it all, and some invested in massive and elaborately bureaucratic groups.One model moving forward that these people should consider is Joe Ricketts’ Ending Spending. I’m very familiar with Ending Spending and the good work it has done. Instead of just going out to find Republicans to support, Ending Spending focused on an issue — ending spending in Washington. When many conservatives threw in with Don Stenberg in Nebraska, Ending Spending was one of the lone voices for Deb Fischer. In Arizona, Ending Spending played below the radar helping Jeff Flake.A key to it’s success was that it stayed nimbler, focused on the issue not the party, and instead of building up elaborate infrastructure on its own, it worked with other small groups already doing good work. Instead of competition, which so many groups on the right do, Ending Spending collaborated. It avoided turf wars. It worked.In the next four years, instead of more massive right-of-center groups sucking more time and energy away from conservative activists, working collaboratively between the smaller groups that fly under the radar and aren’t just tinker toys for the rich would be money well spent.



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