The Right Scoop Captures Audio From Inside the Conventional Wisdom Factory

Just yesterday I described for you how conventional wisdom is created. Reporters gather together and come up with it. Then they report it as news. One of the ways reporters do that is to work together to formulate questions between each other. They only have a limited amount of time and they all want a question that helps push the Gang of 500’s narrative. That leads to cross-network collaboration. They’re all in it together.


Today, The Right School has exclusive audio of the Gang of 500 formulating their conventional wisdom with a question for MItt Romney. The narrative, pushed last night by the White House and rapidly picked up by reporters, is that Mitt Romney messed up with his statement. It was somehow inappropriate.

That’s the conventional wisdom. LIsten now to the reporters trying to formulate a question together to play into the narrative they want.

I will stop here and point out that this is not intentionally liberal. It is just intentionally conventional wisdom development and group think. The problem is that the Gang of 500 — the group of reporters, analysts, and pundits who report on and formulate the conventional wisdom in Washington politics — leans left. I think it is interesting that, if you follow closely along with the audio, what you are actually hearing is a female from CBS trying to get the rest of the herd to restrain themselves from going too far afield. Amazing that a CBS reporter is the responsible one. But go listen again and pay attention. She’s getting other reporters to tighten up and not get into the full on lefty talking points about tone, etc.

Another example of this is Michael Scherer at Time. It is lacking any mention of Barack Obama’s inaction, mixed messages, and even his ridiculous hip-hop interview on 9/11.


Scherer is pushing the anti-Romney narrative the Gang of 500 has been formulating since getting marching orders from the White House talking points last night. And Scherer should be even more careful given his background. He’s now a supposedly objective reporter, but he cut his teeth at the far left Mother Jones and also In this article from UC Santa Cruz you can get a sense of his background.

It’s not just conservatives who think the media leans left and more and more this year the media is confirming every suspicion of most every American that they are as biased as conservatives have been saying all along.


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