A Consequential Man, Home Now With His God

Chuck Colson was a genuine hero of mine. I am saddened by his passing, but rejoice that he is now face to face with the Lord he dedicated his life to.Chuck Colson’s life is a very American story and very Christian story — his is a story of grace and redemption.He worked for Richard Nixon and conspired to commit the Watergate burglary over which he was indicted and went to prison. Along the way, reading Mere Christianity led Colson to become a Christian.He spent seven months in prison, was disbarred, and saw his son arrested in the fall out over Watergate. But God opened his eyes during his time in prison. He saw the condition of the prisoners, the failures of rehabilitation, and felt led by the Lord to do something about it.Colson would go on to create Prison Fellowship, an organization loved and supported by many regardless of politics. He was a voice of clarity on the need for evangelicals to engage a world they so often feel as if they are just passing through. Chuck Colson led a life for Christ Jesus our shared Lord and so many benefited from his ministry. He was a man of great consequence in American history and in the history of the evangelical movement. He will be missed.



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